Published on 09/27/2017 1:07 pm
Cabo Sport Fishing Trip – What To Bring?

There’s no doubt that the finest of sports fish can be discovered in Cabo San Lucas. A charter boat can be hired any time of the year to catch several species found in Cabo. Charters can be booked for particular dates & times according to your convenience or what’s readily accessible from the charter service. Smaller boats are ideal for day fishing whereas larger boats are the best option for overnight fishing. It all requires on what kind of fishing experience you want.  Fishing Charters & the captain are equally important for ‘a wonderful fishing trip.


However, to make the most of your Cabo San Lucas fishing trip, it’s essential that you cautiously take into account what to bring with you. Here is a list that you must want to consider. 

A sturdy pair of shoes:

A good pair of shoes should be your first consideration when you’re on a sport fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas. The deck of your boat can get really slippery when gear and fish are hauled in & out of the water, and the use of hooks can be risky on bare foot. Hence, it’s essential to bring footwear that are comfortable on your feet and offer great traction & support. Flip flop are not advised, so try to carry a pair of robust tennis shoes with soles that can offer constant traction on-board.

Sea sickness medicines:

Are you susceptible to motion illness? Is it your 1st time water adventure and you aren’t certain how your tummy might act? Being ready is vital when it is about dealing with sea sickness. For a comfortable experience, don’t eat too much or intake a lot of alcohol the night prior to your trip. Ensure that you’re well hydrated and taken a light breakfast prior to boarding your vessel. While ignoring soda and coffee is recommended, you might wish to carry along ginger ale in order to combat nausea. Take into account antihistamines or prescribed motion sickness drugs if you need something stronger. 


For your skin, it’s really risky to being out on the open water, particularly because tropical sun rays can be harmful. The sea breeze may trick you into feeling cool while your skin is burning under the blistering solar rays. Do yourself a favor & bring your waterproof sunscreen. Also consider bringing lip balm with a high SPF in order to safeguard your lips from the harsh rays of the sun.


It is advised not to go alone, staying connected to the out world or helplines, no Alcohol condition, pair of Life jackets, first aid kit for minor injuries like fish bite,  early weather check proven to be helping you a lot for a successful fishing trip. With a certified Fishing Charters all small to large considerations are taken care for a great fishing drive in Cabo San Lucas. 

Becoming a happy fisherman and getting a nice catch deep inside sea is adventurous and gives you an experience was exceptional. It’s equally important you get the right fishing spot in Cabo San Lucas; Looking for Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas? Look no further than Lands End Charters! Be it affordable rates or professionally equipped crew we cover it all to make sure you have a great time in the water while catching your favorite sport fish. Call us now on 1-800-281-5778 for any consultation.

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