Published on 07/19/2017 11:34 am
Cabo San Lucas Sport Fishing for Marlin: What you should know about

Are you considering a Cabo San Lucas sport fishing trip? Do you want to enjoy exciting marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas? For every angler, it is believed that marlin fishing proves to be one of the most challenging yet enjoyable experiences. Fishing for Marlins has gained a legendary status among the anglers from all over the world.

Let us explore some interesting thing to know about the Marlin fish that will enhance your Cabo San Lucas sport fishing trip, please have a look!

About the Marlin Fish:

Normally the Marlins are fast, athletic and huge. Marlins are one kind of Billfish that are a highly predatory species. Usually, Marlins are found in tropical or subtropical waters and change their location according to the warmth of the water, which makes them a migratory species. There are four varieties of Marlin like:

  1. The Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin fish dives deep and quickly tires. This type of Marlin variety is considered to be a powerful and aggressive fighter that leaps high in the air and displays amazing acrobatics. Compared to their male counterpart, the female Marlins can weigh up to four times more. On your sport fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas, you will get a chance to catch the most exciting species of fish- Blue Marlin.


Top Features of a Blue Marlin Fish:

Pointed front dorsal fin, cobalt blue back (that fades to white), pectoral fins and cylindrical body shape.

  1. The Black Marlin

The Black Marlins are found in near-shore waters and around reefs and islands. These types of Marlins are bigger than the blue marlins and are referred as “the bull of the sea” due to their extreme strength and large size. Black marlin fish is one of the popular and largest game fish that you will love to catch on your Cab San Lucas fishing trip.


Top Features of Black Marlin Fish:

Low dorsal fin, dark blue back (that fades to silvery white) and broad and rigid pectoral fins.

  1. The White Marlin

The White Marlins are the smallest marlin species that weighs a maximum of about 220 lb and have the ability to leap high. The body structure of white marlin is designed in a long streamline appearance, which helps them to swim fast. The white Marlins are also known as “Spikers”.


Top Features of White Marlin Fish:

Rounded dorsal, anal, pectoral fins and the back are usually lighter in color than other Marlins.

  1. The Striped Marlin

You will be surprised to know that striped marlins have a reputation of spending more time in the air than in the water. These types of Marlins are known for long runs and tail walks. The striped marlin fish is known as the second fastest game fish in the world (after the sailfish) that can swim at up to 50 miles per hour.


Top Features of Striped Marlin Fish:

Pointed front dorsal fin, visible pale blue vertical stripes on the back, lean body, flexible pectoral fins and pointed pectoral, anal fins.

It is considered good to plan a Cabo San Lucas sport fishing trip from March to July or September and October, which will give an opportunity to encounter numerous Blue and White Marlin. Marling fishing in Cabo San Lucas is popular among many anglers from all over the world.

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