Published on 03/16/2018 12:35 pm
Simple tips to catch a Marlin in a Cabo San Lucas Fishing Trip

Dreaming to catch a marlin during your vacation in Cabo San Lucas! No doubt, the marlin is a dream catch for any fishing enthusiasts. Charters for Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas are well equipped with the crew members and captain for your fishing dream. They will provide you useful guidance on how to grab one of these aquatic giants! Lots of tricks and techniques are there to catch this marlin.  Here is little and simple information that can help you in your next Cabo San Lucas fishing Trip.

Get the best gear

The basic thing to catch a blue marlin is to get a best and high-quality gear. Fighting with a big fish with a low-quality gear is worthless. Charters for Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas equipped with quality gears, having hours of fighting capabilities that will not make you regret.

Use suitable bait

Most marlins are caught on natural baits, dead or alive.   However, Charter crews for Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas will have all the bait & tackle accessible to assist you to catch the big fish for your best vacation experience. Baits used should be as little as possible and offers a softness to get in the way of the fish swallowing it. It should be such that a marlin can easily identify the bite as well as you.  The foodstuffs must be soft and entice to make an excellent bait choice to draw a lot of attention.

Make the tackle Simple

People may use 7 to 10 bait spreads with an intention to target Marlin in less time. But the fact is that when a marlin comes online it never prefers too many types of bait to choose from. Make your catching process simple by employing 4 baits, one off of each rigger and two flat lines and let allow the marlin to choose which one it is going to eat.

Getting that bite

There is a chance of getting overjoyed and make an error when you assure that you have a marlin.  Be sure to clear everything on the way for your fish as there are other marlins trolling around your trap. Be slow to turn towards that side of the boat and keep his line tight. Using the fighting chair can also be an ideal choice. Ensure that you’re offering the fish enough laidback so that it can rotate its head to set an excellent hook.

Work with your charter team

To catch the fish of your vision for which you must need the assistance from the rest of your charter team. Be balanced while reeling in the marlin, as the course of action is a lengthy and take hours. Keep in mind that, everything needs a team effort, and with your charter team for Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas you will never miss the chances of losing the catch.


Catching a marlin on your Cabo San Lucas is absolutely exciting. At Lands End Charters we help you fulfill your fantasy of marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to make your fishing dream truly unforgettable. We have hundreds of satisfied clients and now it is your turn to catch the fish of your dream. Feel free to call us at 1-800-281-5778!

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